6 July 2020

Hafiz Adewuyi

Unsatisfying internet conversations: Episode 1


EXHIBIT: A WhatsApp status-inspired conversation on July 7, 2020

I hate the fact that this conversation left me feeling like a weirdo. That WhatsApp status was a f**king bid for connection!!! I posted it in the hopes that someone else who feels the same way about dull weather would reach out and let me know. 

To digress, I have a personal issue with the branding of sunny summer days as "time to be happy" and "time to have fun". And with the correlated bashing of any summer day which is not bright and warm as a bad weather day. I take it personally when people describe storms as lousy weather because I enjoy going out for walks in the middle of the night. I feel a strong urge to go out and let the raindrops in a storm assault my skin relentlessly. I feel alive when the rain soaks my clothes and causes my torso to respond with shivers and skin with goosebumps. I savour the smell of the damp dust in the air; the smell of rain. "How dare you call it a bad day when the very nature of it makes me feel so good"?.

My point is that I wouldn't be here ranting about a WhatsApp conversation if my friend had actually responded with something more than an emoji. How about:
  • "Oh. That's weird. I can't relate to that. How on earth can someone be happy in the dark?" or
  • "I know what you mean. I also can't say that I'm always in a great mood in 'good weather'"
On the other hand, I know you can say that nothing stops me also from asking my friend if dull weather is always associated with bad moods for him. And you won't be wrong. But I didn't, because I just don't care enough since he didn't take the initiative. Which of course absolves my friend of his lack of satisfactory engagement with my bid for connection.

Am I taking life too seriously? I hate it when people say I am, so if you love your knee, you'd better not respond in the positive.

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6 July 2020 at 21:13 delete

Even though I always consider it psycho when people would like their own post/picture on social media, I will now also be commenting on my own article, unprompted.

Part of the reason why I'm so judgmental about my friend's lack of engagement in this conversation is that a couple of hours before, I watched a YouTube video titled: "The Art Of Listening".

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