6 July 2020

Hafiz Adewuyi

Person at pub: Do you smoke?

Me: No

Person at pub: Ok. I'm going outside now to smoke. See you around
Me: *Oh, no!!! Not another tragic end to a great conversation 💔*

This exchange has happened to me too many times since I came to Lithuania for me to ignore. Since no person in real life will satisfactorily respond to my frustrations with this experience, I decided that the close alternative of ranting to no one on the internet would do.

About me and smoking, let's just say I suck at it. And that is something which I am secretly excited about. Otherwise, who's to say that these random moments of peer pressure would not have transformed me into a daily smoker by now. Good conversation is actually so rare in my everyday life that if I didn't suck at smoking, I would go with the person at the pub for a smoking break each time they offer. Notwithstanding that I love my health and want to live long and healthy like most other people.

Gosh! What if the reality is that being with me drained them so much that they needed to go smoke to restore their sanity? Am I an energy drain in conversations? Maybe I was the only one enjoying these conversations after all.

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11 September 2020 at 23:12 delete

Same here. I suck at smoking and I am grateful about it. Tried it like twice and it just wasnt for me.