19 March 2014

Hafiz Adewuyi

DealDey/Konga customer care - Absolutely non-impressive (continued)

This post is a sequel to one previous post. You can find the predecessor to this post here.


Yes, DealDey chose silence when what was due to the customer was a few simple words explaining the status of the case. The interpretation of such to me, as I earlier stated in this much needed rant is that my case has been assigned a lowest priority, when judging from it's details, it's something that needs to be resolved/clarified quickly with a simple phone call to the training provider. It's dejecting to find such an unseemly trait in a business whose all essences, I have always admired.

As per treading the path of absolute silence, DealDey is not the first offender on this (as far as I am concerned). No, sister Konga was the trailblazer on that one. A few months ago, I had placed an order of two good looking shirts from their online store. The same day I placed the order, an agent of their called me, relaying the disappointing news that one of the shirts I'd order was OUT OF STOCK!!! Well, fair enough of you to inform me of this change in plans on time, I'd thought to myself. I agreed that the order be modified and the balance for the unavailable shirt be refunded to my account. In the same vein, I got another call a few days later that the size I'd chosen for the other shirt was unavailable. It was quite disappointing to hear that, but what could I do; I agreed to a refund, partly happy that I at least, got to keep my money.

Now, here is how the twist that revealed a laxity in the quality of their customer service was introduced into the story. As part of the payment for this shirt order, I had used all my accumulated loyalty points (which converted to about N200). However, when time came for my order payment to be refunded, Konga performed some magic in a logical world. Fine, they refunded the part of the payment deducted from my debited card. However, I observed that the part of the payment that was done using loyalty points was not. So, I went ahead to initiate a conversation with Konga care, assuming that it had been due to an error of omission. It turns out I was wrong; they actually intended the vanishing of my well-deserved points into thin air. Here's an excerpt of the conversation, which in my opinion, highlights a bleeding lack of tact on the part of this customer rep. and by extension, Konga:

Dec 19 12:19 (CET)
Part of the payment for this order was done using my loyalty points. The
order has been cancelled and the part of the payment that was from my
account has allegedly been refunded. However, the 548 Loyalty points have
gone missing as when I checked my loyalty points, it was at zero. Please,
kindly treat this situation.
Warm regards,

Thank you for contacting Konga.com
Please be informed that Loyalty points are awarded based on our company's discretion and are credited when Order has been delivered.
Also it can be used to redeem items via Konga website, but can not be refunded.
However, once an order is cancelled automatically the loyalty points will be cleared.
We look forward to fulfilling your future order.
Kind Regards,
Customer Experience Representative

Hello KONGA Help,
The response below is totally unacceptable; on any logical grounds. Let me explain:
1. I had 548 loyalty points in my account before this order, which Konga gave me due to a much earlier completed order;
2. When I was paying for this new order, I decided to use those points to supplement the payment;
3. This order which I paid for was cancelled, not by my will, but because Konga was not able to fulfill my order (OUT-OF-STOCK).
4. The fraction that was paid for via ATM has been allegedly refunded; that's fine.
5. Now, you're saying the 548 loyalty points which was real value to me has gone into thin air because I simply attempted to buy something which Konga does not have in stock? I cannot accept this.

In a logical universe, all things should return to the way they were before I clicked that 'Pay' button since no value has been delivered to me by Konga thereafter.
P.S.: Note that I am not telling you to refund the money to my account. Just put it back where it was before I made this order, so I can use it next time I want to buy something. You cannot just take something you gave to me willingly without a reasonable explanation.
Thank you,

In customer reps. mind: "well, what can I do if a pig-headed customer cannot understand a simple explanation of facts. It's very simple; our company policy states that loyalty points are non-refundable, even if the attempt to exchange them for real value by our customer was thwarted by an insufficiency on our part. It's a lottery. We did not beg him to place an order. Now he lost and he won't let us rest. Serves him right in my opinion".

TO BE CONTINUED... *work has resumed* (This thing seems to be taking much longer than I thought to put down. Well, I should have known, since this is only characteristic of rants). 

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