10 December 2014

Hafiz Adewuyi

Dried out liquid polish applicator

Am I the only one who ends up being able to use, at best, only a half of my liquid polish?

Wild Wolf Polish with nearly dried out applicator

This morning is just another of those many mornings when I realized the end of the useful lifespan of my polish is nigh. Why? The sponge applicator (as seen above) is dried out, rendering the rest of the content of the container inaccessible.

My first thought is that the manufacturers are trying to drive sales by intentionally shortening the useful lifespan of their product. On second thought, I figure it's possible they're not even aware, or perhaps, that this is a design problem their engineering team has been working on.

Anyway, this is my single effort of sharing a long term problem which I've always kept to myself. My hopes are as follows:

  • Someone actually reads this and let's me realize how silly I am, because I've been using the polish wrong. If you're this someone, note that I always replace the cap tightly immediately after each use, so, try another suggestion;
  • Someone else can relate with this and can suggest a brand of liquid polish which is not affected by the drying out phenomenon;
  • Many other people can relate with this and we effectively start a petition against liquid polish manufacturers for this major scam. This might just be the little jolt they need to set some fire to the ass of their engineering team.

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