23 November 2014

Hafiz Adewuyi


Why am I writing this?

Consciously, I always held a considerable level of belief in a supreme, supernatural force that keeps all the world in sync. However, over time, I've 'devolved' (religiously) to see this force more as 'Mother Nature' than an all-powerful, God. When I behold the wide expanse of the blue skies, I'm in total awe at the force which brought them to form. I watch lots of Nat Geo Wild, whenever I get the chance to sneak in front of a tv. Thanks to the passion and relentlessness of some people, I'm able to experience the ingenuity and diversity of creation, almost first-hand. From the octopuses that have mastered the art of camouflaging from their many preys and predators, to the electric eels (who have been able to stun enemies far before some bunch of smartheads discovered the magic of electricity), genuine awe fills my essence, when I focus on the magnificent scheme of nature. I feel it, and therefore, I know it.

I'm about to write stuff that can arguably be described as religious blasphemy. So, because I'm afraid of eternal suffering in a pit of fire (in the event that all my scepticism is, well, debunked in the end), I've created the below 'safety net':

 - A thought is not a sin. Right? Because this is the way I think everyday;

- Sharing a thought, a blasphemous one, is unarguably a sin, according to the verse that appears at Matthew 18:6, Luke 17:2, and Mark 9:42 of the Bible (thank you Google).

- Even if blasphemy is a sin, God is loving and merciful enough to come back for me when it's time. I mean, if Paul, the slayer of all things Christian back in the days, could be deserving of God's direct intervention and subsequent salvation, how much more me, who is just careless enough to not keep his doubts in the closet where they belong,

 (Note: No believers were caused to stumble in the making of this piece).


God is all powerful. He can end the world right now. He has the power to kill the devil right now. However, he refuses to. When you ask for explanation from religious leaders as to why God allows the devil's tyranny to continue, the sort of answer you'll get is about there being some rules or something like that. God cannot kill the devil because??? God cannot end the world right now because there are still some people that have not heard the message. This all just sounds like a major lump of BS to me. Why call him an all powerful God, when he still has to follow some rules which amount to him acting against his own very essence (love).

When I look at the entire scenario of God creating man, I just can't but think of God as a megalomaniac who has created the game of life for his eternal entertainment. All proclamation that he's an all-loving God just come to naught when I ponder the reality of the following facts:

  • He's all-powerful, meaning he can do whatever he wills, whenever he wills;
  • He knows that for each soul created, there are only two options of an end: Heaven or hell and the decision is utterly based on their conduct in life;
  • He has pumped each person, full of natural desires and an overwhelming tendency to do things that will end them up in hell;
  • The above fact makes the odds of a person landing in hell, outweigh significantly, the odds that they return to him.
  • Given the point above, he allows the game of creation and death continue, thereby indirectly increasing the number of his children creations that will end up in his arch enemy's tormentous bosom.
  • Seriously, how do you love every single one of your creations, and then, stack huge odds against their choosing your way and avoiding eternal doom. This is just the opposite of love. If an ordinary human can remain good to their children, no matter how far astray they go, how much more God, the custodian of all love.

The only explanation for God, that fits my currently reality is this. He's an entirely heartless narcissist that gives no shit about any human soul. His ultimate goal is to create souls whose entire will is to bow at his feet every single second. He stumbled upon a formula for creating souls, but this formula is far from perfect. Worse still, he does not give a blipping shit about improving this formula to increase the odds that a subservient  man will be created. No. Instead, he's content in the fact that at its worst, his human production process is prolific enough to produce a fraction of humans who are just right enough to reach the desired end in his twisted game. That small fraction, of lucky creations, are totally worth the eternal torture which the remaining worthless human souls are doomed for, as early as the day they were created - destiny.


When I feel helpless, I still cry to God to help me. When I think about it, it's actually more of a strategy to stay positive/hopeful, rather than truly believing that there is going to be a  supernatural intervention.

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