21 May 2017

Hafiz Adewuyi

Lagos Nigeria to Salt Lake City Utah travel series

This is a list of all the posts in the subject series. Each post details one interesting bit of my one week trip to Salt Lake City in May 2017.

Salt Lake City, Utah, US seal
Salt Lake City, Utah, US seal


Getting set for the Salt Lake City trip one day before take off (Friday)

Takeoff from Lagos to first layover, Doha Qatar with Qatar Airways (Saturday)

Arrival in the US and in Salt Lake City at almost midnight (Sunday)

First full day in Salt Lake City; this is gonna be awesome (Monday)

Lunch at Pat's Barbeque; too much meat! (Monday)

Discovering Salt Lake City BCycle Chapter - GreenBike (Tuesday)

Lunch at Lucky 13 Bar and Grill; Utah's best hamburger (Tuesday)

Shopping on Amazon (Tuesday)

An adventurous, almost tragic evening at City Creek, Salt Lake City, Utah (Tuesday)

Best Lunch Ever: Endless meat galore at Rodizio Brazilian grill, Trolley Square (Wednesday)

Google Fiber office in Salt Lake City; super-speed internet, virtual reality (Wednesday)

Shopping day: Park City outlet stores, Walmart embarrassment (Thursday)

Snowy mountains at Snowbird Ski Resort, TGIF night out at Gracies (Friday)

How to beg: Charismatic homeless people in Salt Lake City (Saturday)

Desperate journey to a faraway club and my first/only Uber ride back (Saturday)

Time to say goodbye (Sunday)

The 14-hour layover at Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar ( Monday)

Welcome back; Murtala Muhammed International Airport! (Tuesday)

Lagos to Salt Lake City; grand summary

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