18 January 2017

Hafiz Adewuyi

500 words a day check-in

Trust me, I wrote 500 words yesterday. It might have been here and there but I actually did. And I created a post on my other blog, even though a large portion of it was lifted out of a draft I did like two months ago.

Today, I created about six different drafts on this blog. By created, I mean I wrote the title and listed out the key points I wanted to make in each post. Most of them were created around midday when my mind was contending with an avalanche of thoughts so violent that I could hardly focus on work. And I know there's the chance that I will add a few more tomorrow. Unfortunately, as my bosses always say, "we don't need effort, we need results"!

Anyway, it happens that I did not get around to fleshing out any of the drafts. I managed to come up with another topic just before showing up at my daily writing 'desk'. While working on this topic, I got distracted and soon found myself creating my first post on TechCabal's Radar (a Nigerian forum for techies). While creating that post, I was very excited. Post-creation, I also feel very fulfilled. The life of my dreams is one in which every task I have to complete energises me in this way.

The marked difference between that writing and the one which I was having so much difficulty completing this morning is that I'm looking forward to the response to the former. Perhaps, this is one experience I should keep close to heart when shortlisting ideas for my blog.

One thing I am happy about these days is that I have also been journaling every day. I must mention that a major reason for this improvement is the email reminders I've been getting daily - for the past few days - from my online journal of what I wrote one year ago. I was serious with my journaling around this time last year, so now I am reaping the fruits. Things seem to be looking up in this writing department after all. Hopefully, I am not counting my chicks too early.

What do you think?

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