13 December 2016

Hafiz Adewuyi

An ode to the creator

I feel it

Sometimes, it's when I take a short break from the cool air-conditioned comfort of the office to run an errand that puts me under the glare of a raging tropical afternoon sun

This evening, I felt it when music from my headphones transported me from the drudgery of Lagos rush-hour traffic into a concert by the Legendary Yanni

Sometimes, it's when Google automatically lets me know that there's traffic on my way home, or when it creates a meaningful media from my random pictures that make me find more meaning in an otherwise, random day

Yesterday, I felt it at the point when, while I was running and thought that I had nothing left in me to keep me going, a change in tempo from the music in my headphones infused me with sudden energy that helped me pick up speed from a low point

Sometimes, it's when I'm done with Number 2 on a comfortable WC and I flush and then, I compare the experience to doing this same thing in the bush or in a smelly pit latrine

Yesterday, I felt it when I commandeered a genocide of tailor ants that had overnight invaded the interior of my car, using a few sprays of an insecticide we take for granted now

What do I feel you ask?

I feel gratitude for the music producer who decided that it would make sense to put Yanni's music into recording because this was too good for the whole world not to hear now

I feel gratitude for Yanni, for nurturing and harvesting his talent, rather than sucking up to a 9 - 5 somewhere in Mexico and wishing he had the courage to follow his dreams. What a loss that would have been? I know he would be happy to know that his song has a uniquely therapeutic effect on my brains. It just makes all of the stress evaporate so much so that sometimes, I actually feel like all I need to float is a gentle breeze. I feel light and transcendent

I feel gratitude to Google for going above and beyond to use the power in their hands to make going through life a little more comfortable for their users in absolutely unsolicited and unexpected ways

I feel gratitude to the inventor of the WC who decided that every human being deserves a kingly experience when doing the number 2

My heart and being say an involuntary prayer for the inventor of the air conditioner when I return from my errand and step back into the office whose temperature is tens of degrees lower than it is outside. They gave me something to look forward to at the end of my errand.

I feel a renewed desire to channel all of my energy towards creating lasting solutions to the plague of problems that is with us in my country. I feel bad about my complacency in execution; is a salary the only thing that can stimulate me to create value?

We should all be applying ourselves to creating stuff that makes life better and more fulfilling for other people; no matter how little. Because no matter how you look at it, we have all that we have today because someone in the past applied themselves to this same purpose.

Let's pay it forward people. Let's knock on the entrepreneur within us today to be awakened.

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