5 March 2016

Hafiz Adewuyi

Purposeful Locomotion

In this post, I'm going to talk about "Why I walk pretty fast". You probably couldn't care less about this. But, it's my blog baby. Just like you cannot tell Linda Ikeji not to plaster shit all over her blog's background for the right amount of money... Well, you get my point.

Like yesterday, I remember the speech that put fire to my heels. It was on the assembly grounds back in Ijanikin (my High school). The Principal, in a passionate speech had expressed her strong dissatisfaction with the leisurely manner in which we students walked between classroom blocks when we had to relocate for a next lesson.

Well. The speech touched me, in that I totally accepted the truth and value in her advice. Essentially, we needed to be more discipline with our time, which walking leisurely between classrooms directly contradicts.

Right there on those sandy grounds, that day, I made up my mind to always have my destination on my mind whenever I'm moving between places. From then on, I avoided most friendly banter along my way that could side-track me in this decision.

Well, the product of that single decision by a little Hafiz is a bigger Hafiz who always walks like there's someone on his heels, even when he's just walking to the next room to refill his water bottle.

The sacrifice of course that I've had to pay for this resolution is that since my singular goal for walking, most times is to go do something specific at the destination, I pay no attention to what I look like when I'm walking (apart from maintaining an upright posture). This necessarily precludes me from the class of men who can have any walking swag. I suspect that my walking sometimes brings to my observers' mind, the image of a programmed robot. I consider it occasionally, I feel a little embarrassed, and just let the consideration fizzle off. Nobody truly cares about how I walk. It's all in my head.

I'm glad I listened to you, Mrs Okebukola. I can only imagine how much time heeding your advice has bought me in life.

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