13 March 2016

Hafiz Adewuyi

A mother's day ode to mum

It's coming late, I know. But an ode to mummy is long overdue. I've wanted to do one for years.

DISCLOSURE I wrote this as a submission to get mum an Uber hookup last Valentine's day. Unfortunately, it did not make the cut. But it's okay. I can still post it on my blog if Uber thinks it's not good enough. I think it is.

My mum is an amazingly beautiful and strong person, so much so that I think no other person in my life is deserving of the Uber hookup than she is. Permit me to explain.

We lost my dad (her husband) to death, fifteen years ago; she was 35, while I and my two sisters were kids. For the better part of these fifteen years, she's devoted all of her energy and resources into ensuring that we get the best leverage in life. We might have felt my dad's absence in that we've had one parent instead of two for most of our lives, but with the few resources within her reach, mum sacrificed all to ensure our most vital needs for proper development were seamlessly available to us.

I will never forget my days as a boy in the boarding house, when she would travel through miles and miles from Lagos mainland to the state's outskirts alone, just to see that I was alright. The tears that would pool in my eyes as I saw her vanish in the distance - after a visit - are worth a thousand words. Only now as an adult do I fully appreciate how much work it is to sit through hours and hours of traffic, and all the time, by yourself, when you could easily inquire the well-being of your kid from a resident guardian.

Picture collage of mum and I:

Lovely family
Today, the youngest child in the family is a Bachelor's degree holder, with the oldest holding a Master's degree. I myself hold a Bachelor's degree and I'm happily putting my acquired skills to practice at work. All these are realities, only because mom decided to love me and my siblings above every other thing that demands her attention in life.

But mum has not stopped the outflow of love, no. Not even now when it appears I've outgrown the need for it. My work schedule is crazy. In the midst of this, she presents herself as a willing steward, ever ready to help me contact the technician, speak to a friend, or do whatever else it takes to ensure I make progress in my outside work endeavors. I wish mum could be here forever.

My mum is awesome and better love than from her, I have not experienced in my 25 years on planet earth. She's an embodiment of love and a special Valentine's treat is an experience she more than deserves for all of her sacrifice. I hope you can help with that.

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18 March 2016 at 16:10 delete

Thanks for writing this. God bless our mum.