3 February 2016

Hafiz Adewuyi

First Nimber poster from Nigeria

Last weekend, yours sincerely became the first Nigerian local to post on Nimber, a UK peer-to-peer delivery network. Please, can you all give him a one-minute thunderous round of applause?

Please; help me BRING my bag of rice from Lekki to Agege

Ok bye... Except of course you'd like to read my rant, cos' I cannot assure you that reading anything beyond this point is not a waste of your finite lifetime.

What led me to Nimber?

I did not stumble upon Nimber. I actually deliberately led myself to it when faced with the problem of shipping my item with someone going in that direction. Yes, I'm constantly looking for the most cheapskate way to achieve my goals.

What does Nimber do?

"A picture is worth a thousand words", the wise ones say. The picture above personifies this saying. As a user of the website, you can only do one of two things:

- Upload details of an item you want someone to deliver on your behalf, in a route they plan to travel in the near future. This is called SEND;

- Indicate interest in delivering an item whose delivery route matches a route you intend to travel in the near future. This is called BRING.

Quite a simple and apt idea, that clearly has a sizable target market. Broke people like me could get things around more seamlessly, barring the trust issues that are unavoidably associated with systems like this. Nimber offers item insurance to the sender by the way, up to $1000, I think.

Take away
We need our Nimber in Nigeria too. I know sooner or later, someone will step up to creating our own replica, since we already have Nigerian websites in the similar area of peer-to-peer ride-sharing (Jekalo, GoMyWay). I might as well be the one to do it, innit?

What do you think about having a Nimber copycat in Nigeria. Would you use it? Which are you more likely to do, BRING or SEND?

Have a nice day, brothers and sisters. I'm feeling charged for the day. It's been like this since the start of the week. And you know why? I have:

- nice new headphones;
- free access to high quality internet;
- awesome music on Soundcloud.

I'm so blessed :)

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