18 April 2015

Hafiz Adewuyi

Amazing Easter Road trip to Ghana via Dealdey (April 2015) - Negative review

Towai! That's the Nigerian pidgin transcription of the bloody hot slap that landed on Paul's face on the second day of hell. The offender was a co-travelling lady who was fed up of the bullshit Paul and his organizing team members had fed us, non-stop, for the past thirty hours.

It's almost midnight and I've got to rush on this article. My aim is to highlight why this deal from Dealdey, is like, the most surprisingly tacky organization I've ever been a victim of. Yes, victim, because that's what I and the other 50+ passengers of the road trip feel like. In that light, I'll make it very simple. I will make a list of all the deal highlights (promises) and indicate the degree to which each one was fulfilled (TL;DR: Promise fulfillment ratio was less than 10 percent).

Dealdey amazing easter road trip to Ghana - Failed promises

In a follow-up post, I will provide more interesting details that make this deal experience, one that will leave Dealdey's image, smeared in our memories for quite some time. At least, they delivered on memorable. We sure owe 'em one for that.

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