28 February 2015

Hafiz Adewuyi

February environmental sanitation in Lagos state (Nigeria) holds on 28th February, 2015

This is to confirm that Lagos state's environmental sanitation for February 2015 has not been cancelled and will hold as scheduled (7.00 am to 10.00 am) on 28th (last Saturday of the month).

This post is a follow-up to my last month post talking about the need for the state's Ministry of Environment (MOE) to ensure that sanitation cancellation information is released to the public on time and effectively. January's sanitation was cancelled abruptly due to election registration (PVC - Permanent Voter's Card) reasons. To my disappointment, I noticed that neither the website nor Facebook page of the Lagos state MOE carried this news, even up to the day of the cancelled sanitation. This laxity led to a lot of waste time, due to people postponing their activities on the assumption that the sanitation exercise would hold as scheduled.

To the Lagos MOE's credit though, when I checked up their website and Facebook page yesterday, I saw there was an announcement to the effect that today's sanitation would hold, dated Thursday (26th February, 2015). Now, no one would say two days' notification is too bad for a government organisation, yeah?

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23 December 2015 at 07:21 delete

Hey, I appreciate your writing. In the event that most recent news leaving the Federal High Court in Lagos is anything to pass by, then the month to month ecological sanitation exercise in Lagos State could be a relic of days gone by.
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6 January 2016 at 22:04 delete

interesting. can you provide a link where I can find this information you refer to?

the latest I could find online about this being discussed in a court is March/April 2015.