2 March 2014

Hafiz Adewuyi

Afro Christmas - a Yuletide poem by Jumi

What is this rhythm,

that employs my heart's pulsation

Conga beats

The dance to December's début of redemption

Ushering with them, sonorous notes

Of an endless angelic song

Rendered by an innumerable company

Calling me to come belong

I watch enthralled, the power of Emmanuel's grace

Transport me, completely, out of certain disgrace

So quickly, with eyes unveiled, 

I behold the utter mystery, of this new born life

Unfettered by conjectures of history

And, it takes me to the depths, of the virginal, conception's, task

Suddenly, there's absolutely nothing left for me to ask

As incandescent, and certain gratitude,

Becomes, the bastion of my attitude,

Hosanna, these blessed eyes, have finally seen the master

They need no longer seek courage, elsewhere to muster

I have found enough, His baby brown eyes, as I gaze

Whilst, my fiercest distractions are set so fearlessly, ablaze 


For in this manger, lays, my strong tower of refuge

That drowns the droves of distractions, binge

There I must now rush in, spirit and soul, delightedly aflame

As the pills of orchestrated reconciliation, bellow, 

They bellow my own name

And way way, way beyond the deranged doodling of devilish 


I see emerging even now, mesh-work, for a masterpiece, by the 


Even eternity, must at last, decline that designation, to a 
special device

For this afro Christmas sake, it embraces  immortality, tight, to 
inhabit me on the inside

Happy, happy Afro Christmas

(Melodious chant in some non-Nigerian African language (Zulu?)...)

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