21 July 2017

Hafiz Adewuyi

Yoruba boy first time living outside Lagos (in Enugu) FAQs

When did you move to Enugu?

I moved to Enugu on Friday, June 16, 2017. I travelled to Enugu on a very short (under 1hr) flight with Airpeace. I landed in Enugu at around 8:30 WAT.

Why did you move to Enugu?

I got a new job. A job that is much closer to my dream job than my old job was. That's it. Oh yeah, getting a job outside of Lagos was actually also a dream come true.

I've lived in Lagos all my life:
  • Primary school: Bosby, Ilasamaja, Mushin, Lagos
  • High school: FGCL, Ijanikin
  • University: UNILAG
  • NYSC Camp: Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos camp
  • NYSC PPA: Orile-Agege LCDA, Agege, Lagos
Need I say more? 

I resumed my new job as a Software developer at Chatdesk on Monday, 19th June, 2017. I've already spent a full month at the new job, but it hardly feels like it.

How is Enugu?

  • Great
  • The landscape is constantly undulating. Yes. The hills of Enugu. I should get me a bicycle soon for proper enjoyment of the steep hills
  • The good roads are not overburdened and I've not seen a traffic jam that is more than 20 cars long since I arrived here (and that's an exception). Also, there are usable footpaths on most of the roads I've seen, hence more pedestrian-safe than Lagos
  • I live in Independence layout, a very clean and serene and well-planned part of Enugu with a concentration of modern houses. I would describe it as the Lekki equivalent of Enugu except it's better. Most of the streets are tarred and the area is not flood-prone. Also, the views are much better because of the hilly nature of the landscape

Nice Friday morning view in Enugu

DISCLAIMER: In all fairness, I hear Enugu is really large and what I've seen is a tip of the iceberg. I keep wondering where the ugly/regular houses are located because since I moved here, all I've seen are pretty and well-planned neighbourhoods and estates.

Are you happy with the move?

Yes. I unarguably am. Of course, no one has really asked me this question (apart from my mum). So I'm just answering it here to show off my awesome new life. Okay, it might not be that awesome, but compared to my shitty existence in Lagos, this is a huge leap which I am beyond grateful for. 

First of all, every day is TGIF for me. I have unbound flexibility with my work hours. I can wake up whenever I want and can sleep whenever I want. As if that was not good enough, I currently stay at the staff quarters of the company which is in the same house as the office. Interestingly, I hardly ever sleep for more than 6-hours per night in spite of the flexibility. My phone alarm clock app is up for grabs; any takers?

I have pounded yam for breakfast regularly; no fear of falling asleep at work
I now regularly have pounded yam for breakfast; no fear of falling asleep at work

Let me reveal the not so fun and games part of my new found freedom though. Now, I have little excuse not to achieve some of my lifelong dreams like building more muscles, completing intensive MOOCs to build up my skills and completing my pet projects. I've registered at a really-well equipped gym a ten-minute drive away from home (Lilburn fitness, close to the Enugu airport), so I'd say I'm on the right track. I always tell myself the phrase, "six packs in six months", just for fun.

Also, I managed to achieve a feat that would never have been possible with the cut-throat life I left behind in Lagos. I currently have a 30+ day streaking learning French on Duolingo. The trick (if I can call it that) is really simple. I wake up, I head to the balcony, whip out my phone and make a go for the French challenges; no questions asked. It's slowly revealed itself as a rewarding and mentally awakening way to start the day, so I don't even need any discipline to do it anymore at this point. #GoodRoutines #CueActionReward

If not bragging rights, then what do we live for? Showing off my stellar Duolingo French stats
If not bragging rights, then what do we live for? Showing off my stellar Duolingo French stats

Furthermore, I now manage to do some form of exercise at least, once in two days. My running is now more consistent, even if that means one part of my body or the other always has an ache. Not to worry, I'm relatively comfortable with pain, due to my pimples pressing days. Who knows, I might start training for a marathon at this rate.

Hafiz at the end of Umuawulu street adjoining Port Harcourt - Enugu Expressway
Hafiz at the end of Umuawulu street adjoining Port Harcourt - Enugu Expressway during a Friday morning run
My work at Chatdesk is also adequately challenging, purposeful and rewarding.

What do you miss about Lagos?

  • Nights out at Element House
  • The beaches
  • Truppr
  • My car
  • A HANDFUL of friends
  • My family (just because)
  • Constant FOMO. Five tech events happen every weekend and you have to make the hard decision of which one to attend. Now, I can happily skim through the events portion of TechCabal's daily newsletter knowing I can't attend anyway :D

What are some places you have been to in Enugu?

Eat out: Roots restaurant and Cafe
Shopping: Roban Stores, Shoprite
Gym: Lilburn Gym, Liberty Gym (Liberty estates)
Night life: Top rank Hotel, Arriba Entertainment centre (Voodoo lounge)
Sports: Okpara square, Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium

Frankly, my life here is pretty boring; by general benchmarks, just as many people in Lagos had warned. But I'm okay. Despite all the resources to hang out and socialise in Lagos, my life was still boring anyway. Most weekends, I would voluntarily go to the office most Saturdays and Sundays, versus spending it chilling with friends somewhere cool. So, let's not blame it on Enugu. The problem really is me.

When next are we seeing you?

I don't know. I'm pretty fine here and I'm glad to have a breather away from the only place where I've lived all of my life. I don't miss Lagos well enough to want to be there again anytime soon. Good riddance, birth city!

Have you found yellow omo ibo?


And please, can you remind me of when you crossed my acquaintance-zone to friend-zone which is the only place from which you're permitted to be asking such a question AFAIC? Amebo.

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23 July 2017 at 18:14 delete

You're in Enugu. Fantastic!

6 January 2018 at 20:02 delete

I couldn't pray/hope for a better namesake! How weird! I report to Enugu! I am there at least once a month!

26 August 2019 at 12:45 delete

Wow! cool write.

I want to be like you (Lol). I've lived all my life in Enugu, now I desire to explore other parts of Naija. But one thing I realized is that, if you're a cool-headed type like me who doesn't like "toutish" life like they have in Lagos and other such places, you'll always miss and want to come back to Enugu (or at least regularly visit to regain your sanity). lol