5 June 2016

Hafiz Adewuyi

Fine boy; made in Lekki

Trust me. Even though I'm absolutely narcissistic, I don't usually express it in the usual way of taking endless pictures of myself and uploading them online.

But this time, it's totally different. I just cannot get enough of the fun twist that my new haircut just added to my look. I am excited, and you know what I do when I'm excited about anything? I write about it because I just wanna share it with someone, but then, I'm the prince of Solitude. Secondly, I'm usually disappointed when someone's reaction to something I'm excited about is at best, "that's nice", which is often the case.

For the first time in probably a decade, when the barber asked what style, I did not respond with "low cut". And it was totally premeditated.

I'd always been plain and unadventurous when it comes to haircuts and if not that I read Peter Nguyen [of the essential man's  piece sometime in the past few weeks, my response would probably have been as usual. [relevant clipping of the piece is included below]

Thankfully, I read it, and who am I to pass on an opportunity to add "that edge" to my look. No way!

I hope my boss doesn't get so jealous, he asks me to go do low-cut when I show up to work in my shimmering new look tomorrow [please, don't tell him I said that].

- It took a little over one hour (wasn't counting but it was like forever; meticulous barber, that one was)

- It cost me 1500 (must cheapskate always rear its ugly head in all of my articles? Ugh!)

- I felt absolutely pampered with the treatment that my scalp got at the end of the session. First, damp warm towel mop around the perimeter of my hair (for sterilisation, I guess). Next came a spray of some cool methylated liquid over the scalp while simultaneously having a blow dryer applied on it, multiplying the tingliness of the treatment. The only word that adequately describes my sensations in that moment is "mesmerized". I was so delighted, I could not mask it [as much as I would have wanted to]. What's the fad with feeling guilty about pleasure though? I should totally junk that from my life.

Now, I'm going right back to work. A lot more articles in the pipeline but the work that is feeding me just won't let me complete any piece. Only by the grace of the adrenaline rush that having your narcissism appealed to was I able to complete this one.

Ciao; thanks for sharing this moment with me.

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