24 January 2015

Hafiz Adewuyi

Airtel Nigeria cheapest call plan 2015


Airtel's most recent (smart) plans as at June/July 2015 are:

- smartCONNECT;
- smartTALK; and
- smartTRYBE

You can find more information about each plan by clicking the name (above).

It's valuable to mention that the plan which is analogous to (and way cheaper than) the now terminated "2Good Classic" is the smartTalk plan:

Airtel smartTalk features

  • ₦5 daily access charge (just like with 2Good Classic);
  • 11k/sec (₦6.6/min) to any network from the first second of the day (in as much as the daily access charge of ₦5 was successfully deducted);

Go cheapskates! Tell them we won't rest till those rates go down to ₦1/minute


Few months ago, it came to my attention that my call rates on Airtel (my only line) had dramatically increased; doubled or thereabout. This prompted me to do some research on the web. Perhaps, I'm inept, but many a time, my search did not yield any good results. This got me wondering what the info-tech news websites are up to, not providing such basic useful information as this.

A few weeks back, I again noticed how my call rates had come to over 20 naira per minute. This was irrespective of how many minutes I'd done in a day. Something drastic had to be done, I knew. I took to the web again, and as usual, our tech bloggers did not have ready-to-consume information that was of use to me. So, I dug deeper into the web, trying various search permutations on Google's omnibox. 

My efforts turned fruitful when the search results at some point led me to Airtel Africa's website. The exact destination on the site was a page that has info. on all of Airtel's local plans. I browsed through all the options and settled for their "Airtel 2Good Classic" plan. I figured this was the most pocket friendly of all for me. A daily access charge of 5 naira enables me to call any local network at a fixed rate of 18 kobo per second. This amounts to 10.8 naira per minute which is pretty cheap. I end up making calls everyday anyway, so I'm certain that the daily 5 naira fee is never going to waste. Dial *422# to join me on the cheapskate's side of downtown.

Well, there you have it. Airtel's cheapest plan for 2015 according to your one and only. Prove me wrong, I'd be so glad. It'd be a win-win anyway. Won't mind paying even less for the often shabby service that Airtel provides. 

Shame on you, Nigerian tech bloggers.

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Nice one. Thanks for the valuable piece of info

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For a list of Airtel's most recent (smart) plans as at June/July 2015 which include:

- smartCONNECT;
- smartTALK;
- smartTRYBE

Visit http://africa.airtel.com/wps/wcm/connect/AfricaRevamp/Nigeria/Home/Personal/VoiceAndText/Tariff-Plans/#midContainer

What's more? This list contains a plan that is even way cheaper than the one on which this article is originally based.

Enjoy life on the cheap side of town!