28 October 2010

Hafiz Adewuyi

An essay from way back when.

Today, 28th October, 2010, I woke up with the thought of one of my English essay writings in S.S. School that fetched me one of the highest scores of all time. I desperately wanted to review the content of a story my less mature mind could invent at that time (I could merely remember the theme of the story); I wanted to do that because I felt some sort of fulfilment lied in wait for me on fulfilment of the quest. So, after my morning biking which took me to places I had never stepped previously in the neighbourhood, I settled to ransacking the old metallic box which lies at my bedside. The box had been used for transporting (to and from school) and storing effects when I was in the boarding house; on ‘graduating’, I converted it to permanent storage for my ‘old’ school books.

The box in question with dirty laundry stashed on top as usual...                        

After a thorough search of the box, I sadly couldn’t lay my hands on the essay of my dreams (it was a short fictional story). On the bright side, I found this other beautiful essay from my then (and still) optimistically futuristic mindJ. We were told to write it then by an English teacher, but to my disappointment, she didn’t request that it be submitted. Those were the days when I used to get fulfilment from submitting my diligently done work; not now that I never attempt any assignment on my ownL. I decided to upload it for your reading pleasure (hope it fulfils that purpose).

NB No proofreading was done in the conversion of this work from hardware to software.

Federal Government College,
P.M.B. 12720,
12th December, 2007.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Dear Tody,
I’ve long waited for an opportunity to send this letter to you, but luck hasn’t been on my side as the Nigerian Postal Service has been on strike since the beginning of this year. But for the timely intervention of the new government, I won’t have written this letter at all. How is your family? Hope it is not too cold over there. Words cannot express how much I miss you.

My primary reason of writing this is to tell you that the Nigeria you knew is no more in existence. The civilian rule which was initiated on the 29th May, 1999 is gradually changing Nigeria to the most developed country in Africa. I just want to give you a tip of the iceberg in this letter. You need to come back home to understand what I mean.

Starting from the educational sector, the government has really taken formal education to another level. Each unity college in Nigeria can boast of having an overhead projector in every class. The classes now  seem more practical, than when teachers took to writing on the chalkboard only, I cannot but give kudos to our Honourable Minister of Education, Dr. Mrs. Obianuju Ezekwesili.

Going financial, poverty has been driven six-feet beneath in Nigeria. Instead of lavishing national money, His excellency launched a #50 billion project last year. Guess what he did with the money, he gave #50000 each to a million individuals living below poverty level. This project is done twice every year. Before we can say, ‘Jack Robinson’, Nigeria would have been one of the richest empires in the Universe.

NEPA! NEPA!! NEPA!!! Do you remember the series of power failure you experienced while you were still in Nigeria? I know it’s been quite long you have seen one last. Don’t feel too special, it’s been long since I also saw a power failure last. The privatisation of NEPA to convert it to PHCN (Power Holdings Company of Nigeria) has greatly improved the state of electricity in Nigeria. The highest amount of time that power failure can last is about five minutes. I have said, ‘bye-bye’ to heat rashes.

These days, people cannot cease to wonder about the level of peace in our nation today. The common inter-tribal clashes are now extinct. Since the soldiers are now in their barracks, they have no opportunity to exploit the citizens anymore. The usual political killings have now reduced beyond expectation. Civilians can now express their minds without having fears of being assassinated in cold blood.

Lastly, I would not fail to mention the state of transportation in Nigeria. Starting from the aviation industry, we now have jets in all the Nigerian airlines. One can travel from Lagos to Kaduna in two minutes. Its so remarkable. There are also agencies with radar systems that predict whether a journey will be safe or not. The roads are not left out in this revolution. It was just last week that my street which used to be unpliable to automobiles was graded. It has been scheduled for tarring next August. Rarely would any motorist come across a pot-hole when travelling from one state to another. The only aspect of transportation that seems yet to be touched is the railway transport. The trains are still as slow as ever, but I know by God’s grace, the sector will soon be considered.

Sincerely, Todimu, Nigeria is now a place to be. I suggest that you just take a visit to Nigeria when next you are on holidays to see what I am saying. I am rest assured that in about twenty years’ time, Nigeria will be on top of the world.

Extend my pleasantries to your mum, dad, and your siblings, especially little Bolu. I really miss your company, I thirst to see you again. Please, try your best to convince your parents to allow you to come over here for a vacation (show them this letter). I know you must have made a lot of friends. Tilewa, your girlfriend also sends her pleasantries. Just take care of yourself, see you.

Yours sincerely,
(my signature)


How was that?!

After the ransacking, the whole place was a huge mess (sorry I couldn't think of taking pictures when there was so much work on ground to do). I had to do a thorough room tidying exercise for the first time in several months (over six). The extra exercise was fulfilling anyways because there’s more space to move around in my room now.

Favorite textbooks from wayback when.

Box by bedside

Cosmetics table and shoe 'rack' after cleaning exercise.
PS During my ransacking, I was helped to remember that the first place I learnt about the mechanics of sexual intercourse was from my Modern Biology textbook (page 461); not from a porn flickJ  as I had assumed before then. I also remembered that the essay that was on my mind at wake-up was sexually graphic; so much so that the teacher had to tell me that I didn’t need to be so ‘down to earth’ (practical) in my descriptionJ

Modern Biology (page 461)

I also remembered that the essay that was on my mind at wake-up was sexually graphic; so much so that the teacher had to tell me that I didn’t need to be so ‘down to earth’ (practical) in my descriptionJ.

Conclusively, I was motivated to go back, just to observe my secondary school for fun (I’ll get the chance to collect my WAEC certificate too). I also imagined that I just might like to be a teacher in the nearest future; a HIP teacher, that isJ. Huggz...          

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